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About the project

Sister Ray are an established record store based in Soho, London. They offer rare and limited-edition vinyl records, along with CD’s and cassettes. They spearheaded the campaign to bring back vinyl in the early 2000’s and have a large, very dedicated following. The only thing missing from an already successful store was an online presence.

With only a very limited brochure site in place, Sister Ray wanted to take the step to a fully loaded ecommerce web store. The site needed to have bespoke functionality, tailored to the needs of a store that offered limited edition products that became available and unavailable at very specific dates and times. This was Solution17’s most complex project request to date.

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What we did

The first step was to really drill down into the functionality required by Sister Ray. The products themselves would drive the design of the website and we created a stripped-down design to get the user straight to the product they were searching for. Stock count, scheduling of products and featured releases were essential, but in-house admin of the site was also a must, so the CMS of the website had to be simple to use. This was an incredible project to work on we can’t wait to add more features to the site as time passes.


What they said

As this is such a new site, Sister Ray are just putting their feedback together. Watch this space!

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