A CV Building Tool can be Extremely Powerful for Candidates & Clients

Your inbound marketing/recruitment strategy should be designed to attract possible clients and candidates to your website through valuable content. A CV building tool can be the most powerful for attracting and attaining contact details.

CV’s can be a tricky territory for both candidates and clients. There’s a lot to think about when building them and receiving them.

We have seen agencies provide value over the years, in a variety of different ways. We have all (at least most of us) been a candidate at one stage and some of us a client.

A CV building tool can have many benefits for both candidates and clients and is an underestimated yet extremely powerful tool in the recruitment industry.

Benefits for the Candidate

The biggest ‘headache’ has always been the dreaded CV. Is it the right format? Does it include the right information? Have I input the information in the correct order?

There are so many different variations, you quickly lose sight on what is the norm.

Imagine this. A candidate has the capability to input the required information. In the pre-agreed format to create their CV in minutes without the worry of correct information fields and format.

Your candidate has the peace of mind that their CV is generated in a best practice.

Benefits for the Client

For the client, you’ve given your candidate a value added service on your website, giving them a reason to freely give you their information.

Not only that, but now every CV you receive will follow an identical format!

Now imagine this. A client has a specific requirement for the information they need to receive on the CV from every candidate. Now the candidate can build their CV on your website to meet this requirement with required data fields!

The client receives the exact information they need to make an informed decision.

You guessed it…increasing the chances of a hire!

It’s as easy as that.

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