Hubspot: The Saving Grace CRM for Recruitment Agencies

Hubspot: The Saving  Grace CRM for Recruitment Agencies

Hubspot: The Saving Grace CRM for Recruitment Agencies

In this blog post we’re exploring why Hubspot is such a necessary tool for Recruitment agencies, to help you place more candidates, more frequently, to more clients.

Want to know more? Here are the things we’ll be covering.

  1. What’s a CRM
  2. Who are Hubspot?
  3. Why Hubspot?
  4. The Inbound Recruitment methodology
  5. Become a Better Recruiter

What is a CRM?

“What is a CRM?” I hear you say. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

For every recruitment company, their most valuable and important asset is their database. It’s common in recruitment companies for , these details about those customers; who they are, how they’ve interacted with your organization, are spread out in many different places.

Your prospects and customers will feel the pain when your team isn’t on the same page. From their perspective, they have a relationship with one company, not a collection of different people and departments. Everyone on your team from your Sales department to Marketing, needs context about every customer’s needs, wants, and current state, so they can pick up the conversation where it left off.

A CRM is a tool that makes it easy as pie to build better relationships, nurture your leads and in turn place more candidates with more roles.

With one central place to organise all the details of your leads and customers, it’s easy for everyone on your team to gain insight into the state of your business, and the status of every candidate/client relationship.

Who are Hubspot?


Let me enlighten you.

HubSpot (a company based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts; home to world-class university, Harvard! ) are the leading experts and founders of the inbound methodology. Not sure what the inbound methodology is?

Inbound marketing is just one part of a larger movement in the business world. That movement is inbound. Inbound is a method of attracting, engaging, and delighting people to grow a business that provides value and builds trust. Unlink outbound marketing, you don’t have to fight for your prospects attention, instead you attract them to you.

Still not sure what that actually means? Don’t worry, we’ve covered it. 

Simply put, HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

To practise inbound marketing, you need a tool which delivers the information you want to disseminate. That’s where Hubspot’s CRM comes in. The message can’t be spread without a messenger, the CRM is vital to your company’s success. Once you adopt the inbound method and Hubspot’s CRM, things which would have labour intensive become automated and joyful.

Why Hubspot?

First things first, Hubspot CRM is completely free to use with unlimited users and storage of upto 1 million contacts. Yes you read it right, F-R-E-E for as long as you want it to be! And yes, 1 million!

“I demand the sum.. of 1 million dollars!”- name that film.

It’s suitable for growing companies of any size and allows you to set the foundation for your business with a free system, to build deeper relationships with contacts, from first interaction to happy customer and beyond.

If you find your business is growing, firstly- good work! Why not share some of you tips in the comments below. Wanting it to grow quicker? Why not comment what you are struggling with below. Secondly, there are a few add-ons and upgrades you can apply as and when you like.

As part of the free CRM you have access to;

  • Contact management – create a contact management strategy.
  • Deals – create a sales pipeline to manage your leads.
  • Lead analytics – know how successful your leads are.
  • Email scheduling – reach your prospects at the right time.
  • Contact and company insights – extra information collected from HubSpot’s insights database.
  • Tasks – keep track of your to-do-list.
  • Outlook and gmail integration – Make targeted marketing easier.
  • Facebook lead ads – connect your Facebook account to create or sync ads.
    & so much more, head over to Hubspot to be bowled over with features.

Inbound Recruitment

The diagram above explains how you can apply the inbound methodology to inbound recruiting through attracting, converting, closing and delighting

The way people find, research, and apply for jobs has changed. Companies used to be in control of the recruiting process, but now, over 75% of job seekers start their search on Google.

Inbound recruiting creates a remarkable candidate experience through employer brand content and marketing strategies that help companies build relationships with top talent.

By taking an inbound marketing approach to recruiting, companies can connect with passive and active job seekers, engage with their network, and delight candidates and clients throughout the application and hire process.

Want to know more about Inbound recruiting?

Become a Better Recruiter

Your CRM can help you distribute content that resonates with your candidates and clients, the first step to successfully and effectively use Hubspot to become a better recruiter is to segment your database.

You will have two distinct customer types; clients and candidates.

When you’re marketing and selling to them, it can be difficult to determine who’s who! For example, if you send out a list of job openings to potential clients, you risk damaging that relationship as the content won’t be relevant to them.

These customer types can break down further into buyer personas, You can easily create buyer personas, what are buyer personas? Neil Patel has some great content on how to create your buyer personas for example a recently placed candidate will require a different type of content to a candidate that’s actively lookign for a new role, for example downloading content on ‘How to write a stand out CV’.

With Hubspot you can create separate workflows with different triggers and content being distributed to your different personas rather than a blanket message to your whole database. Who really walks in to a networking event and says the same stuff to the same people and receives ground-breaking results?

Inside Hubspot you are able to identify which pieces of content and exactly how each candidate or client has interacted with you to make it that bit easier!
There’s a whole host of tools that are extremely beneficial to a recruiting agency to help you place more candidates, more frequently to more clients and make your teams lives 10000x easier in the process.

As a Hubspot Preferred Partner we have a whole host of knowledge to divulge to you whether it’s to learn more about inbound marketing, or Hubspot.

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