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make my traffic grow

Using a collection of inbound marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your website and engage with your brand.

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The Types of Engagement







The foundation of your website is a set of fundamental elements that should be addressed before growing your website. Without these elements, your website can’t grow. At the very least, you’re putting it at serious risk of impacting the growth. So what needs to be at the foundation of a growing website?


According to a statistic from Akamai and Gomez, 40% of the visitors coming to your website will leave if it takes more than 3-seconds to load. Compare that back to 1995 when Akamai found that visitors would tolerate waiting 38 seconds for a webpage to load. Today we’re busy and expect the page to render near instantaneously.

While security is a topic we don’t talk about often as marketers, as soon as we hear news about another hacking incident we all breath a sigh of relief. Website hacking incidents are becoming more prevalent, and according to WordFence, WordPress sites are generally attacked between 10,000 – 14,000 per minute. Yes, per minute. That’s tens of millions of attacks per day and if any one attack succeeds it could have a big impact on that website and business.


To truly succeed, your website needs quality content. According to Google, top-ranking websites have 900+ words on each page. But it’s not just about the amount of content you have, it’s about the relevance and quality of that content as well. 

Here are some guidelines your website content should follow:

  1. Your content should be visually compelling and easy to read
  2. Any copy should be checked for errors and grammar
  3. Use H1/H2 tags as appropriate within the page to define titles
  4. Ensure relevant keywords are within your copy
  5. Don’t write for search engines, write for people

Search optimisation

Organic traffic will likely be an important part of how your website traffic grows over time. But search engine optimization is a complex topic. With the new Website Platform, we’ve made Search Optimization simple by giving you a personalized “to do” list to address areas that will help the search ranking of website pages.

HubSpot will offer SEO suggestions as you type your content, and when you select a keyword your “to do” list will display similar to the image below. For example, if you have a page on event marketing, you want that keyword to appear within the title, URL, and a few times within the body of your content. It’s even better if you have images that also have alt text that lines up with your keywords.

Be more inbound

Be more inbound with your marketing and use your existing database to move existing candidates and up sell your existing clients. 

Not sure if this is right for you?

Ok, so people are coming to your website. They seem to engage with you to a certain degree. 

However, you don’t know who they find and you don’t know what their experience is like. 

Your website, and your inbound strategy, requires a review and strategy completed to not only measure this but to improve on this. 

You have a strong product offering and your level of service is high. The visitors who do come usually convert to paying customers. 

However, you find it hard to bring more visitors to your website. 

An inbound marketing strategy targeted at awareness and driving traffic will increase the number of new visitors and returning visitors. 

So you are really good at driving traffic to your website. Your visitor numbers are strong, but these visitors rarely convert and often leave your website quickly. 

A traffic referral audit is required with a landing page strategy created to target your audience with the right message at the right time with strategic call to actions.